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“Are You Ready…to begin a journey that is indescribable to those who have never traveled it — a journey filled with wonder, challenge and abundant joy…Are you ready to experience the purity of unconditional love from a little person who looks up

to you, needs you, and accepts you just as you are…Are you ready to recall the enchantment of the world you knew

as a child, where stars were for wishing, snowflakes were for tasting, and butterflies were for chasing…Are you ready

to nurture a brand new person’s life — to be first to make them laugh, and first to dry their tears…to watch them grow

and blossom into the individual they were meant to be, reflecting qualities you’ve always admired…to see them find success

through the encouragement you’ve offered them, and to create their own family through the love you’ve shown them…

Are you ready to experience a bond like no other, and one that will enrich your life beyond all that you could imagine…

Are you ready to experience a miracle? Because, as a new Mom…you will.”

“For the New Mother — May You Find…the strength to follow your heart in guiding your child, to admit your mistakes

and to learn from them; to believe in yourself, and know you can solve the problems and survive the pressures that parenting invariably brings…the fairness to accept your child for who he is without blaming him for what he can

or cannot do…to be willing to listen, and to really hear…to empathize without judgment and guide without control…

the wisdom to know when to stand beside him and when to step back; to remember that no child is perfect, and neither

is any parent — and the most either of you can do is your best…the security to support your growing child’s need for independence and to respect his tastes and opinions, no matter how greatly they differ from yours; to allow him to make

his own mistakes, find his own way, and live his own dreams. May you find the time to truly enjoy your child — to laugh

and learn and grow together in an atmosphere of shared esteem and friendship…And may you find in each day a chance

to share with him your praise, to offer him your support...and to show him your love.”

“Your New Baby — so fragile, yet strong enough to inspire awe, touch hearts, and transform lives…so delicate,

yet powerfully connected to so much of your past, your future, and to everything you are…so tiny, yet filled with

enormous promise — and already bringing more magic and joy to your life than you’d ever imagined…

so alive in the moment, yet taking you back to when your own world was helpless, yet teaching you much

about spontaneity, life, and love…a precious part of you, yet developing a spirit and personality all his own.

So small and vulnerable, your new baby has yet to make his way in the world…but he has found a place forever…

in your heart.”